[INFINITIZEVN][Vietsub+Kara] 1st Japanese Album – Koi ni Ochiru Toki – INFINITE

♥ Happy INFINITIZEVN’s 1st Anniversary ♥

Brought to you by Infinitizevn’s Subbing Team – Fansub made for fans, by fans and not for any commercial purpose | Watch more at: http://infinitizevn.com

[♥] Translator: chunie
[♥] Timer: Rainy Ngố – Phương Anh – cheru – Jirii
[♥] FMV: breakid – Phương Anh
[♥] Typeset: Ty Tồi Tệ – Rainy Ngố – Swan
[♥] Edit: Su
[♥] Encoder+Uploader: Rainy Ngố – breakid – Swan

01. Welcome To Our Dream
02. Man In Love
03. TO-RA-WA
04. Tic Toc
05. Timeless_WOOHYUN Solo
06. Be Mine
07. Crying_INFINITE H feat. Becky
08. Because_SUNGKYU Solo
09. BTD (Before The Dawn)
10. She’s Back
12. Julia 




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